Trend To Try: The Peacock Chair – A Little Leopard
Trend To Try: The Peacock Chair – A Little Leopard

Trend To Try: The Peacock Chair – A Little Leopard

Image: We Heart It

The peacock chair will make a statement no matter where in the house you put it. With roots distinctly in the 60s (famous fans include Morticia Addams, as seen above, and Brigitte Bardot), it’s definitely a piece that commands attention. Why do you think they named it a “peacock chair”?

But it’s also surprisingly versatile, and just as at home in a haunted house as it is with a boho bombshell. And despite the peacock chair’s 60s and 70s vibe, it actually got its start centuries ago, originating in East Asia and making its way to homes in Europe and America in the 19th century.

The peacock chair has gone in and out of favor throughout the decades, but has been experiencing a resurgence in the past couple of years. Yes, it’s a showstopper, but you don’t need to favor gothic or hippie chic vibes for one to work in your space. Corner need a little extra something? Consider a peacock chair. Here are five different ways to style one:

Image: Urban Outfitters

Combine mid-century modern pieces, different textures and lots of plants for a modern-bohemian vibe.

Image: The Decorista

Muted colors help this bohemian piece feel more modern and sophisticated. The stylish selection of coffee table books doesn’t hurt, either.

Image: One Kings Lane

Into Scandinavian design? Muted cool-tone neutrals and natural textures like wood and jute make a peacock chair work with this trend.

Image: My Domaine

Play to the chair’s bohemian past with colorful accents like Moroccan side tables and brightly patterned throw blankets.

Image: Apartment Therapy

Finally, you could let the chair shine on its own and dictate the vibe of the room, adding only simple, natural accessories like sheepskins and animal skulls. And cute cats, those always help too.

Shop peacock chairs below (they’re not cheap, so this may be a piece worth scouring Craigslist and flea markets for!):

What do you think of the peacock chair trend? Would you ever try one in your space?