Statement. – A Little Leopard
Statement. – A Little Leopard

Statement. – A Little Leopard

Gallery wall burnout is a real thing. While it’s not one I’ve personally experienced (exhibits A and B), but I can totally understand why people would be over the trend and looking for a gallery wall alternative.

Two gallery wall alternatives in particular have caught my eye on Pinterest lately: the oversize statement piece and wallpaper. Yeah, yeah, wallpaper can totally conjure up images of Golden Girls and grandparents. Or it can be an incredibly chic way to add real drama to a room.

Image: Domino

Image: Lonny

Wallpaper too much for you? Try just one or two oversized pieces of art in lieu of a gallery wall. Buying art this size can be a bit of an investment, but it’s also pretty easy to go the DIY route to create abstract or typographic pieces.

Image: Apartment Therapy

The above “You are my bucket list” piece could be pretty easily recreated with blank canvas and the phrase of your choice.

Image: Bliss at Home

Image: My Domaine

Image: SF Girl by Bay

That last piece is my favorite of the bunch, by UK-based artist Harland Miller.

I’m curious: are you still into gallery walls, or ready to move on to other forms of wall art? Let me know in the comments!