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Ah, fall – the days of new crayons may be over (probably, I don’t judge), but there’s still an undeniable sense of new beginnings that comes with the season. As F. Scott Fitzgerald said in The Great Gatsby, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” It’s one of Daisy Buchanan’s best lines, frankly. Because Daisy Buchanan is actually kind of the worst.

To the point, though, all that newness may have you looking around your living space and thinking it needs a bit of a sprucing up. Totally understandable, and I am here to help. Below: five ways to upgrade your space for fall, or whenever you need a bit of a fresh start (without all the hassle of moving, because ew).

ONE: REARRANGE YOUR SPACE. Growing up, my mom had a tendency to rearrange furniture whenever the mood struck – or reorganize our kitchen cabinets, which often made finding a fork a (not-so-fun) treasure hunt. Turns out, this is a gene I’ve 100% inherited. Sure, 246 square feet may not seem like that much space to work with, but you’d be surprised what you discover when you start dragging furniture around. Or, you could be smarter than me and use a floor planner site like Roomle to test out a new layout. It’s amazing how changing your furniture placement – even slightly – can change your perspective.

TWO: SWITCH UP YOUR SHELFIE. Okay, maybe rearranging your entire room/home/apartment sounds like a lot of effort. Too much effort, in fact. If that’s the case, focus on one area of your home, like a bookshelf, and see how you can change that up instead. Check out this post for tips + tricks on arranging shelves for a super Instagram-worthy shelfie.

THREE: FLOWERS, FLOWERS EVERYWHERE. Fresh flowers add so much life to a space. Stick a few blooms in a bud vase; I love A New Leaf for buying a few stems at a time. This is also a great way to upcycle cool bottles or mason jars, like I did with my Owen + Alchemy bottle below (they’re just too pretty to recycle):

And while I love the idea of arranging my own beautiful bouquet, pairing two or so flowers at a time is about all I’m capable of. That’s where services like BloomNation come in. It’s basically the Etsy for flowers, and you can get an arrangement from a local florist delivered for as little as $30. I’m kind of in love with those pink dendrobium orchids above, or this adorable succulent planter that’s only $35. Bonus: flowers are always a fab gift, and BloomNation works with top local vendors. Much better than 1-800-Flowers or whatever.

FOUR: TRY A DIY. I am loving this neon lettering idea from I SPY DIY – a much, much cheaper alternative to those trendy $600 signs all over decor blogs and Kourtney Kardashian’s house. Heck, you could even spell out “love me” and stick it above your bed just like she does.

For something a little more seasonally-inspired, Homey Oh My! has an adorable confetti pumpkin for the perfect touch of fall decor.

FIVE: BUY SOMETHING PRETTY. DIY sound too difficult or not like your cup of tea? Treat yourself to something new for your space. It doesn’t have to be some huge, splurge-worthy item (though if you have the budget, go for it!) Just like sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself to a new piece of jewelry or clothing, it can also be nice to grab a new home accessory. That’s exactly how I came to own these gold pig bookends; art prints are another great option. Or you could always buy a nice frame and stick a free printable in it (like one of these!) for a truly budget option.

Fall is also the perfect time to incorporate a little more texture into your decor with items like throws (splurge but so pretty!), pillows, sheepskins – or even this ultra-glam furry stool from CB2. True, $349 is a lot for a stool, but Target did a similar version in their Nate Berkus collection last year. I wouldn’t be surprised if it popped up again this fall.

Images: Refinery29, Design*Sponge, BloomNation, Instagram, I SPY DIY, Homey Oh My!, Urban Outfitters, CB2

This post was written in collaboration with BloomNation.