Three Things to Start Your Weekend – A Little Leopard
Three Things to Start Your Weekend – A Little Leopard

Three Things to Start Your Weekend – A Little Leopard

Behr Paint asked top bloggers and influencers to “Color a Memory” –  check out Designlovefest, Cupcakes & Cashmere and Paper Fashion’s posts with their custom colors and memories. (Emily’s is my favorite, surprise surprise.)

There’s also a really cool tool where you can upload your own photo and generate a custom color, which I took as “use your Instagram pictures to define a color scheme/aesthetic.” I pulled a pretty, dusty pale pink from the photo above. If I weren’t super lazy, I think  the resulting color (“Candy Floss”) would be a super cute in a bathroom with some black and white accents, no? You can make your own here (I’d love to see your results in the comments!) … and the chance to win $4500 doesn’t exactly hurt either.

Bit of an oldie, but a goodie – answer a few quick questions and Farfetch will tell you which city is the best style match for you. I got London, which is one of my favorite places on the planet but I’m not sure I’m quite so eccentric as London girls can be. Farfetch describes London style as “Eccentric but well put together, clashing patterns mixed with immaculate tailoring and classic British fabrics. Favourite designers – Simone Rocha, Sibling, Burberry Prorsum, Peter Pilotto, Christopher Raeburn. Style icons – Tinie Tempah, Florence Welch”

I do love a good Burberry trench, but give me a French-girl slocuhy blazer, leather leggings and flats combo any day. Let me know what city you get … and if you agree with your results!

Finally… if you are not yet clued in to the weekly wonder that is Matt Bellassi’s series Whine About It, well, you’re welcome. It is, as Matt explains, “a weekly video series where (he) gets drunk at (his) desk and complain(s) about stuff.” Also, he is my spirit animal and probably yours, too, once you start watching these videos. Also also, who doesn’t want to get drunk at their desk and complain about stuff, especially on a Wednesday?

This week, Matt tackles the worst things about fall which, yes, is my favorite season. Yeah, sure, I do a lot of the things Matt’s complaining about (pumpkin flavored things and apple pie are pretty great okay), but watch it for the squirrel-pastry story alone. And then, go watch the one about being an adult because it’s actually my life.

Happy Friday!