September Playlist – A Little Leopard
September Playlist – A Little Leopard

September Playlist – A Little Leopard

I was born in September

And like everything else I can’t remember

I replaced it with scenes from a film that I will never know

– Typhoon, “Young Fathers” 

Fall is a time of new beginnings, but it’s also a time when the world transitions to shorter days, longer nights, deeper colors. It’s a moody season, a season of layers and suede and rich earth tones.

Fall is fresh and crisp and new, yes, but it’s also dramatic. If “Shut Up and Dance” was the song of the summer, then autumn is a time to listen to Mumford and Sons, Arcade Fire and other bearded flannel types.

So, this playlist tries to capture some of that fall feeling. New yet familiar. Wistful, nostalgic, but optimistic. There’s a lot of violin, because I’m a sucker for sweeping orchestral hooks in my music. There’s old friends (Kendrick’s “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe”), new friends (Beach House, “Levitation”) and even new discoveries from old friends (Stars’ new single – that band was super important to my high school experience).

Curl up with a blanket, grab a pumpkin based product of your choice, and take a listen:

Super pretentious, obnoxious note: in high school, I was obsessed with making mixtapes, and I prided myself on my ability to create playlists that flowed well. Even in the age of Spotify and streaming, that tendency hasn’t left me, so the above playlist is best enjoyed in order.  

Image: Death to the Stock Photo