lifestyle Archives – Page 10 of 10 – A Little Leopard
lifestyle Archives – Page 10 of 10 – A Little Leopard

lifestyle Archives – Page 10 of 10 – A Little Leopard

Is there a better time of year for curling up with a blanket, some cocoa and a favorite book? I don’t think so.
After posting an Instagram of my bookshelf this weekend, I realized I’m overwhelmingly drawn to two types of books: style/fashion-focused books, or memoirs by female comedians. I’m not even kidding, at least half of my books fall into one of these two categories. So, I thought I would share a roundup of some of my current favorites, including books on my shelf and those on my list:

Books by funny ladies
This is seriously one of my favorite genres; there’s something about a female comedian telling her story that I just really love. I’m a fan of the guys, too – BJ Novak’s “One More Thing” is on my list. The women just tend to be insanely relatable (I wonder why!) Mindy Kaling’s book is one of my all-time favorites and I cannot wait for her new one.

Style guides
I am a sucker for books that tell you how to live your life more stylishly – in a way, they are the original blogs. It helps that these books tend to look really nice on a shelf. Love the leopard-print cover of “Berlin Street Style,” naturally.


Bought but haven’t read yet
I know, I know – don’t judge me too harshly. One of these days, very soon, I’ll sit down and dive into these books:

On my “to-buy”/”to-read” list
I’ve read “How to be Parisian” and it’s definitely worth a purchase. Lately, it seems like I’ve been in the mood for more fashion-focused memoirs, with both Betty and Diane’s books on my list.


What’s on your bookshelf? Any books you’re particularly looking forward to reading soon?

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