Dear Madewell, Yes Please – A Little Leopard
Dear Madewell, Yes Please – A Little Leopard

Dear Madewell, Yes Please – A Little Leopard

Don’t get me wrong, I love fall weather and fall dressing as much as the next girl. It’s finally time to start wearing real clothes, instead of the slippy little sundresses and cutoffs of summer. There’s so much more possibility in fall, thanks to layering and chunky knits and ankle boots and flats and scarves (oh my!).

But, uh, I wouldn’t be mad about an Indian Summer. Because I feel like summer finally kicked in a few short weeks ago, and next thing you know, it’s September.

I guess if it has to cool down, I can console myself with getting lost in Madewell’s absolutely perfect fall lookbook. It’s so perfect, I am actually considering trying the flare trend this season. (Also: overalls? Still very much a thing.)

Shot in Rome with model Constance Jablonski, the fall catalog is everything I love about Madewell: effortlessly cool, un-basic basics that are actually wearable. And uh, yes, I want it all, please.

{ The Billie Boot, aka seriously the perfect ankle boots, ever, and I am determined to own a pair. }

{ With a blog name like “A Little Leopard” I basically need these, right? }

{ The beautiful thing about Madewell jeans: you don’t have to be a model for your ass to look like that in them. They’re basically magical. }

{ Denim jumpsuits: the world’s easiest Canadian Tuxedoes }

{ Those loafers are pure perfection. But please, tie them in real life. }

Click each image to shop the piece, or check out some of my personal favorites below:

All images (c) Madewell.