Tattoo You – A Little Leopard
Tattoo You – A Little Leopard

Tattoo You – A Little Leopard

I’ve always like tattoos, whether it’s a discreet, tiny heart or a full sleeve of artwork a la Kat von D. I could never pull off a sleeve myself (nor do I particularly want to, honestly), but I admire people who can. See also: Adam Levine.

I’ve wanted tattoos for awhile, but given that I’m a Libra (aka incapable of making decisions), it took me a long time to decide what, exactly, to get. For awhile, it was Oscar Wilde. Or Radiohead. Then sometime last year, it hit me. I knew. These are my tattoos. It was like falling in love, or what I imagine falling in love is like. Once I’ve got enough money and found a studio in Chicago, I will be getting the following tattoos:

  1. The words “So we beat on,” in as close to an approximation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s handwriting as possible. The Great Gatsby is my favorite novel of all time, even though it’s kind of heartbreaking and depressing. It’s just so beautifully heartbreaking and depressing.
  2. Three stars – the very same three stars featured in the headings of every chapter of the American versions of the Harry Potter books. I went on Oprah at 12 years old because I love Harry Potter so much, so I think a permanent tribute to the series is only fitting.
  3. The Hebrew word for “love” or “sisters” or “family” or something along those lines, depending on how many members of my family also want to get it. Right now I think that’s just my sister. This one is obviously more TBD.

Granted, I’ve yet to decide on placement, so it may be a couple months yet before I’m actually inked. I’ve been loving constellation tattoos lately, but I’m going to let that idea simmer awhile before I commit to it.

Check out some of my favorite tattoos below:

Do you have tattoos? Are you a fan?

(Also, if you’re in the Chicago area and know of a good tattoo artist, please do let me know!!)

Images via: Who What Wear, Buzzfeed, Brit + Co and Le Fashion.