Stacks on Deck – A Little Leopard
Stacks on Deck – A Little Leopard

Stacks on Deck – A Little Leopard

image via PureWow

It’s the end of an era. I think my statement jewelry phase is kind of… over.

And it’s not just me. The trends are clearly shifting away from big, look-at-me-pieces to those of the more delicate variety. I still love a good collar, especially when paired with a basic tee and jeans combo. But even statement pieces seem to be moving toward the minimal and modern these days. It’s the end of the arm party. Or at least, the arm party is all grown up and now a sophisticated wine and cheese tasting instead of a college rager with jello shots.

You can still make a statement, though, for sure. The wonderful thing about delicate pieces is they can be understated … or not, depending on how you wear them. The arm party may be dead, but layering lives on. Pile on those delicate pieces, from strands of necklaces to multiple earrings.

One trend that’s still going particularly strong (and I personally am super into) is the ring stack. LA-based lifestyle brand favorite Mr. Kate proves it with their new Delicates collection. The gorgeous thin rings and bar earrings are perfect for everyday wear, together or in combination. And with nothing over $30, it’s actually a decently affordable collection.

image via Mr. Kate

I am also loving BaubleBar’s stackable rings, and, for the ultimate convenience, ring sets. If you’re not fully ready to let go of the statement piece, BaubleBar has an amazing selection of trends and styles, from the bold to the classic. Are you a monogram ring girl, or into something a little blingier? Either way, BaubleBar has you covered.

image via StyleCaster

At the end of the day, a ring stack – like anything in life – is what makes you happy. There aren’t really rules as long as you dig how it looks. Because they’re you’re fingers, and you’re the one who has to look at them all the time. So stack away, friends … if it floats your boat, that is!

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