Channeling: Atlantic-Pacific – A Little Leopard
Channeling: Atlantic-Pacific – A Little Leopard

Channeling: Atlantic-Pacific – A Little Leopard

If I could swap wardrobes with anybody, it would probably be Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific. She’s one of the OG bloggers and girl can rock a pair of Karen Walker sunnies and Valentino Rockstuds like nobody’s business. Sadly, a closet full of Tibi midi-skirts and Vince turtlenecks is slightly out of my budget… so I decided to analyze her wardrobe and break down how to dress like Atlantic-Pacific – for less!

There’s a reason this photo is the cover of my “what to wear” pinboard. Denim? Check. Stripes? Check. Blazer? Check. Clothes with French words on them? A blogger after my own heart. (See also her fabulous Creme de la Creme sweatshirt.)

This outfit is pretty much the everything I love in fashion and my own daily wardrobe – classic, simple, and a pop of leopard. And those French words again!

I love Blair because she re-wears her pieces. Sure, she’s re-wearing something that would probably cost me at least a month of rent, but it still adds an element of attainability to her blog and outfits.

Blair is a master at mixing proportion and simple, classic pieces with ones that pop more. As you can see, I tend to favor her simpler outfits, but you’ve got to admire a girl who pulls off a bright red midi skirt and pattern-on-pattern on the regular.

Now, if you wanted, you could run out and buy everything Blair links to on her blog…but that would get pretty pricey. I’ve rounded up fifteen Atlantic-Pacific inspired pieces below – all priced under $75! (With the exception of Madewell jeans because they are the best jeans ever and worth an investment, in my not so humble opinion.)

From big sunglasses to blanket scarves, these will have you channeling your own Blair Eadie in no time. I also included a curling iron because her hair is on point in every post, and the Stila “Beso” lipstick Blair wears all the time. Think of a Stila red lip as an Atlantic-Pacific gateway drug, if you will.

Do you have a blogger you regularly turn to for style inspiration? Not going to lie, sometimes when I don’t know what to wear I just search “Atlantic-Pacific” on Pinterest…

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