Golden Globes Recap – A Little Leopard
Golden Globes Recap – A Little Leopard

Golden Globes Recap – A Little Leopard

Awards season is my favorite time of year, a bright spot in the otherwise horrible, cold, awful stretch of time known as after Christmas through springtime. I am a fan of anything that gives me an excuse to drink champagne and judge what other people are wearing on Twitter, and this year’s Golden Globes were no exception.

In the spirit of bad news before good news, let’s start with worst dressed. Now, let me caveat – I totally watched the Globes in leggings and a sweatshirt. I recognize the irony in that. And I also totally respect a woman’s sartorial right to wear whatever the heck she wants. Sometimes, it just doesn’t quite work out as hoped. Below are five of those times.

Left to right:

Dakota Johnson in Chanel – There is nothing inherently wrong with Dakota’s dress, it’s just 50 shades of predictable. Snooze.

Keira Knightley in Chanel – Two Chanel dresses on my worst dressed picks? I’m shocked too. But honestly, just look at this unflattering mess. I expected so much better from Keira and Karl.

Amal Clooney (nee Alamuddin) in Dior Haute Couture – The dress itself is actually quite lovely, but what stylist let her pair those prom-relic opera gloves with it? They’re Amal’s own, I might add.

Rosamund Pike in Vera Wang – Rosamund, Rosamund, Rosamund. We all had such high hopes for you! Your party-dress game has been on point lately. Props for showing a post-baby sideboob, but I just cannot get over how ill-fitting this dress is. It’s like she’s asking for Gone Girl puns to be made here.

Zosia Mamet in Andrew GN – I am hoping this is a case of color not translating well on television, because that grey and blush combo just washes her out.

Let’s move on to something a little happier, shall we? My picks for best dressed, left to right:

Emma Stone in Lanvin – Oh, I am a sucker for Lanvin and a non-dress red carpet outfit done well, so put those two things together on one of my favorite actresses and you have got a winner. Some didn’t like the “butt bow,” but I wasn’t bothered by it. Love the styling. Just love it all!

Jessica Chastain in custom Atelier Versace – I usually really like what she wears and tonight was no exception. Hello, warrior woman! This liquid metallic gown solidified one of the trends of the evening while giving off some very Marilyn, Old Hollywood vibes. This may be my best dressed of the whole night. (Full disclosure: Jessica Chastain is my “I wish she were my celebrity doppelgänger” girl crush so I may be biased.)

Lupita Nyong’o in Giambattista Valli Haute Couture – While I’d never likely wear one myself (not that I really have much opportunity to), I love Giambattista Valli’s playful, colorful gowns. This eye-catching, textured number was a perfect choice for Lupita, who showed her red carpet game is still strong. Plus, the glasses she added during the show? Adorable.

Emily Blunt in custom Michael Kors – Emily Blunt is a goddess, and showed us that very literally in a Grecian Michael Kors gown. I’m a fan of the styling, too. Can either Emily or Jared Leto teach me how to braid, please?

Julianne Moore in custom Givenchy Haute Couture by Ricardo Tisci – Fifty shades of silvery goodness done right. I love the feathers and slightly disco vibe given off here; it’s playful without being too cheesy.

Did you tune in to last night’s Golden Globes? What were your favorite moments (fashion or otherwise)?

Photos (c) Getty Images via Who What Wear, gif (c) Vulture